Meet Our Staff

Jenny Alpaugh: Executive Producer

Jenny is a biology major at the University of Georgia. She’s lived in Athens for all but the first seven years of her life. In her sophomore year of high school, she took a newsmagazine class and fell in love with journalism. She now plans to combine her love of science and journalism by pursuing a career as a science journalist. She spends much of her free time reading, running, knitting small penguins, and, of course, listening to This American Life.

Lauren Baggett: Producer

Lauren earned her master’s in health and medical journalism and a B.A. in magazine journalism from the University of Georgia. Though she tells stories through a mix of print, multimedia and audio formats, she is particularly drawn to radio’s unique ability to weave together natural sound with voice that helps the story come alive. In her free time, she’s usually cooking, playing ultimate frisbee, or hanging out with her husband Evan and their cat.



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